The Issues

The Issues

Like 61%* of Americans today I support sensible legislation to protect people from gun violence. Expanding universal background checks to include all gun sales and ensuring that guns are removed from people who have had their firearm owners identification card revoked are reasonable pieces of legislation that would serve to protect people while also respecting the rights of gun owners. 



Supporting the economic growth and health of our community will be a constant priority for me. The benefits of a thriving economy are far-reaching and have the potential to positively impact the quality of life for people in our district. Encouraging the development of small businesses that serve our community by bringing people together, fostering a sense of community, and providing jobs.


All children deserve access to quality public education using best practices to prepare them to be lifelong learners and productive citizens. I believe that we must make education in Illinois more equitable by ensuring access to preschool for all children, providing support services for all students who need them, and by addressing school funding at all levels, including the cost of higher education.

We enjoy abundant natural beauty in the 65th District including prairies, farmland, idyllic parks, and the Fox River. Climate change is an undeniable threat to our environment and economy; I will be proactive in my response. We need funding for research and development of clean energy technology, and incentives to encourage sustainability in existing industries and businesses. I support renewing solar energy tax credits and the Clean Energy Jobs Act; I will advocate to see the latter amended to not preclude the support of municipalities that hold contracts with coal plants. Together we will create a cleaner and brighter future.


Many aspects of our current healthcare system need to be improved. Protecting and improving access to affordable insurance options, increasing accessibility and affordability of mental health services, and ensuring equitable treatment of patients of all races are critically important to improving outcomes for all Illinoisans.

I will also work to address the maternal mortality crisis that disproportionately affects women of color. All women deserve to be treated with respect and dignity when they are seeking medical treatment or assistance and they deserve to have autonomy in their choices regarding their bodies.

Social justice is a complex topic that can be viewed through different lenses; but ultimately a socially just society is one in which resources are equitable and individuals are physically and psychologically secure. Members of a socially just society have a sense of agency and of social responsibility toward one another and all members of the community. As your representative in Springfield, I will have a seat at a larger, more powerful table and will continue to fight for equitable policies and meaningful solutions that recognize that all people have the same rights and deserve access to the same services.


As a working mom who knows how hard it can be to stretch a family budget, I understand people’s concerns when it comes to taxes. I believe that making our taxation fair, so that those earning less are not paying more in total taxes, will benefit everyone in Illinois and also make a significant improvement in our state’s budget situation. 97% of Illinoisans would not pay more under the fair tax plan that will be voted on in 2020.

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