Paschke concedes Illinois House District 65

Paschke Concedes Illinois House District 65

Geneva, IL – After more than 31,000 phone calls and hearing Illinois’ 65th District residents’ struggles firsthand, Martha Paschke pledges to keep fighting to ensure the voices of all community members are heard in Springfield. 

“While we may have lost the race, we have a victory to claim by successfully pushing issues – such as common sense gun reform, health care and social injustice — to the forefront in this campaign,” Paschke said of her race against incumbent Rep. Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva). “We have reminded our representative that he answers to us — his constituents — and we will not remain quiet on the issues that matter.”

Paschke, who turned to reaching voters via phone after COVID-19 hit earlier this year, said talking to people from throughout the district and hearing their stories and challenges is what has inspired her to keep working on behalf of her community, whether or not she is in office. 

“From the working mother trying to balance remote learning and work-from-home, to the retiree in an assisted living facility concerned with his health during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am committed to continuing to work alongside each of you for positive change in our communities, “ said Paschke.

As a resident of the 65th District and a community leader, Paschke said she intends to work with Ugaste and other elected officials to seek reform in the areas of gun safety, supporting local business, funding education, protecting our environment, inclusive health care, social justice reform and a tax system that makes sense.

“I want nothing less for my community than a representative who will listen to us and work hard to ensure that we have every opportunity to thrive,” Paschke said. “I will continue to stay engaged with our elected officials, and fight for responsive and accountable leadership from them,” she said.