Paschke Campaign Announces Major Endorsement by Republican Rep Andersson

Democratic IL 65th District candidate Martha Paschke announced today that she is being endorsed by Steve Andersson, the former Republican office holder of the seat she is seeking, due to her strong leadership and demonstrated willingness to work across the aisle — qualities Andersson says are missing in the current state representative.

Andersson said his first encounter with Paschke was while she was advocating for small business health care professionals who were being frozen out of the medical marketplace.  “She was fighting to give consumers greater choice in the birth experience of their children, instead of only allowing big medicine to control those decisions,” he said of Paschke’s advocacy work in women’s health care. 

“Fighting for small business was always important to me, and I see that same passion in Martha,” Andersson said, noting that Paschke has been outspoken in her support for economic growth and encouraging the development of all small businesses that serve the 65th District. 

View the full press release here.

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