Martha Paschke For Illinois House


Why I'm Running

I am running to represent the people of IL’s 65th House District because I believe that our community deserves leadership that shows up for them when it matters most. Over the past few years we have seen growing divisiveness, but I know that our community is better than that. I have seen us work together to find common ground and to support one another. Whether rallying around our small businesses struggling during COVID-19 or gathering to stand up for justice, we show up for each other and we take care of each other. As your next Representative, I promise that I will show up for you - through legislation and votes that help you thrive, being available when you need assistance, and being present in the community when we need to stand together.

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  • I hired Martha Pashke because my practice needed someone, bright, energetic, compassionate, with a strong moral compass. She has by far exceeded our expectations. We need someone like Martha in the state legislature advocating for our community.  -  Sharmistha B.

  • Since the very first time I met Martha back when we moved to Geneva, she was the figure getting things done. She immediately added me to the community Facebook page and invited us to the neighborhood block party she organized each year. She welcomed us and gave me a place to start planting new roots. When a neighbor needed help or the schools, town or local groups needed fundraising, awareness or hands on, she was always on the front lines, spreading the word and putting ideas into action. To this day, Martha is the first voice I hear when local or national crisis hits our news media. She is rounding up bodies, speaking out and taking action. There is No Doubt in my mind the job of representing the 65th district belongs to Martha Paschke. She is the voice I want representing me when I cannot, because she can make a difference.  -  Laura W.

  • Martha would make an outstanding district state representative. She is active in our community, engaged in many meaningful projects, and committed to improving our world for us and future generations. Her experience with local organizations and desire to interact with people from all walks of life makes her an excellent candidate to represent our district. She has the ability to work with those share her thoughts as well as those who do not share her perspectives. She is thoughtful, passionate, and reasonable, and would be an effective leader for our government.  -  Britni P.

  • Educated on issues, strong in leadership, Respectful of All…and the right person to represent my family and community.  -  Christine S.

  • Martha was incredibly welcoming and helpful when we were new to the community. She is very interested in a variety of topics and willing to discuss in depth. She has organized many philanthropic events as well as educational experiences for groups of people. She has positively affected the lives of many in our community and beyond.  -  Elise H.